Treating Depression with Massage

By Don McCann, MA, LMT

Physical pain that is often chronic goes hand in hand with psychological depression. Often, clients who come for massage for pain relief also suffer from depression. Of course, as massage therapists we do not do psychotherapy. However, depression has major physiological and anatomical components; it is in this area that massage can truly have a significant and profound effect. Find more info on here London tantric massage service.

It is important to understand depression and how it manifests physically. You also need to understand the different types of depression and physically how they individually respond to massage therapy.

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Michigan Licensing Bill Becomes Law

By Christie Bondurant, Associate Editor

On Jan. 9, 2009 House Bill 5651 became law, marking Michigan as the 41st state to enact massage regulation, and leaving only eight states behind that do not require regulation. (California certification is on a volunteer basis, and is not included in the regulation total.) Much like massage therapists in other states where massage therapy is not regulated, Michigan therapists have spent countless hours fighting for the reputation of their profession and to be viewed as legitimate health care providers.

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AMTA Elects National Board

By Editorial Staff

For the first time, professional members of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) voted electronically, casting their votes online for the 2008 national election.

Kathleen Miller-Read of Washington will serve as president-elect from March 1, 2009 through Feb. 28, 2010. Glenath Moyle of Oregon will serve as vice president for a two-year term beginning March 1, 2009. 

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